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Mazzmedia’s experts in social and digital marketing can analyze the market to identify the best platforms to meet your goals and build the road map to your social media success aligning your audience, objectives, strategies and tactics in order to allow you to achieve concrete and measurable results.

Mazzmedia helps you listen to social conversations relevant to your brand, products, services, competitors and industry. Through conversations audits, influencer research and social media monitoring, we help you identify actions to be taken to achieve results and how to measure and manage the impact that social media is having on your organization.

We can develop an overall strategy for your social properties, delivering customized training, recruiting ad hoc profiles for your social media roles, designing listening programs and publishing plans, advising you on crisis management and providing guidelines on the monitoring and analysis of social analytics.


We believe that social media management requires a strong multidisciplinary effort. This is why we put in place a cross disciplinary team able to help companies implement a professionally holistic and well-rounded community management approach.

Once a solid social strategy is defined, Mazzmedia’s community managers immerse themselves in the brand’s channels to engage customers and prospects through the following services:

1. Editorial planning and content creation

Marketing strategists, copywriters and content managers in MazzMedia work togheter to develop editorial plans and branded contents related to the target audience’s passion points.

2. Art Direction

To encourage the sharing of your content, Mazzmedia believes design and visual creativity play a major role, because they create deeper emotional relationships, facilitate the sharing of your message and facilitate the understanding of your business in a way content alone never will.

3. Moderation of the community and customer support

Mazzmedia’s community managers become ambassadors of your brand in the social space, through listening and the direct engagement of your social community members. Mazzmedia can moderate your channels, ensuring rapid response times and targeted responses 1VS 1, we can take care of the customer care and manage the escalation process facing any social crisis.

4. Monitoring and reporting

Mazzmedia has a unique philosophy in terms of reporting: every business is unique and as such we believe that all the reports should reflect that uniqueness. For this reason Mazzmedia designs and develops completely custom reporting formats, in compliance with business objectives and agreed metrics.


A social media campaign allows you to reach your audience and influencers in a very targeted way.

Mazzmedia’s campaign specialists plan, develop and implement social media advertising campaigns that reach your target customers.

Mazzmedia has extensive experience executing social media advertising campaigns for both large and small companies on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Mazzmedia designs captivating ads to reach and grow your target audience, increase fan engagement, and expand your business with increased website traffic, new customer leads, and webstore product sales. Our analysts track and quantify the results of each campaign, allowing us to learn from current efforts and apply what we’ve learned to future interactions.

Mazzmedia pairs social media campaigns with targeted landing pages and leverage SEO best practices to help users find the site on all channels. Our social media campaigns are meticulous and measurable.

Our approach, combining quality content creation, community management and efficient paid media, has dramatically cut the costs for engagement and increased share of voice, channel growth and engagement.

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Positive reviews - if genuine - from customers and key influencers within your sector are one of the most powerful marketing tools a brand can have.

Successful engagement and collaboration with influencers requires a personalized approach, with a genuine and deep understanding of both the individual and their community.

Mazzmedia is skilled in identifying key influencers in your industry and engage them to attract new audience for your product and services.