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Tipitipi.it is an Italian start-up, founded to develop a new online marketplace/social network to facilitate the match between supply and demand related to the home renovation and re-furnishing. The ultimate scope is to connect effectively potential customers (homeowners) with professional suppliers, creating new market opportunities for suppliers and a general increase in the quality of the market through community reviews.


To support the Customer at 360° during the start-up phase and offers both consulting services as well as technical inputs to manage the phase of transformation from idea/prototype to a successful "platform company".

  • Consulting and Prototyping

    Consulting and Prototyping

  • Branding & UX

    Branding & UX

  • Development


  • Marketing Plan

    Marketing Plan


1. Consulting and prototyping

MazzMedia has accompanied the new company in significant start-up activities and offered business development support services, including the following:

  • Legal support and advice for privacy policy and platform terms of use.
  • Definition of the digital marketing plan.
  • Competitors and market analysis.
  • Analysis of the business model and technical feasibility analysis.
  • Support to the business plan planning, with a key focus on IT infrastructures and technology platforms.
  • Design and development of functional prototypes to test the concept on the market.

1. Consulting and prototyping

2. Branding

Our team of creatives and copywriters worked closely with the client to capture the essence of the new company and to represent it visually through the creation and development of the logo and the corporate identity manual and tools (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, notepads, etc...).

2. Branding

3. UX & design

We have used best practices in various fields, such as visual design, usability, information architecture and interaction design to create an intuitive and engaging user experience, tailored to users not particularly inclined to use digital channels.

3. UX & design

In particular, maximum attention was paid to the accessibility of information from mobile, redesigning entire sections of the mobile site to offer the most intuitive and simple user's interface.

4. Technical development

The project represented a significant challenge for the development team, given the complexity of the technical specifications and the performance required by hundreds of thousands of potential users. The project, fully tailor-made, was developed using Laravel, an open source MVC framework written in PHP for the development of complex web applications, as a derivation of Symfony. As far as the blog section is concerned, considering the number of updates requested, we decided on the integration of WordPress CMS, developing a customized theme and integrating it within the main architecture in Laravel. Finally, the e-commerce section was developed through the creation of a custom module, integrating stripe as a third-party service to ensure total security of payments and sensitive data.

4. Technical development

5. Digital Marketing Plan

Our team of analysts and consultants has supported and assisted the client in developing the digital marketing plan to support the launch of the new online platform. We have supported the go live phase with a cross channels marketing effort, through the generation of content, SEO tactics and inbound marketing, digital advertising campaigns with Google and social media, e-mail marketing and influencers engagement within the sector.

  • Brand Awareness

    Brand Awareness



  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation



  • Sales Conversion

    Sales Conversion

4. Technical development


The MazzMedia team has done an excellent job demonstrating to possess all the necessary skills for the realization of a complex project such as the TipiTipi.it portal. I am fully satisfied with the result achieved so far: from web designing, to creativity, to online marketing strategies MazzMedia has been a valuable partner.

Guido Cagnoli