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Maxi Zoo Italia S.p.A. is part Fressnapf, the largest European pet stores group. Born in Germany in 1990, today the Fressnapf Group is active with over 1,400 points of sale throughout Europe. Each Maxi Zoo shop has an area of about 600 square meters, with an offer of more than 8,000 products dedicated to different animals (dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish and reptiles): a rich assortment with exclusive brands for every needs, covering all price ranges with the guarantee of the highest quality.


The retailer lacked a multi-channel strategy, concentrating almost all the communication's budget and effort on printed flyers and generic visual communication on physical stores.
The client requested the support of MazzMedia to plan a multi-channel digital strategy and a digital transition plan, with the aim of strengthening the brand's awareness and exploiting all the potential of digital channels to multiple business opportunities.


  • Outreach
  • Engagement
  • Lead generations
    Lead generations
  • Drive to store
    Drive to store
  • Retention


MazzMedia has closely collaborated with the retailer to develop a digital transition strategy, including digital audit and competitive analysis, a new channel mix, technological development, set-up and management of new digital channels, in particular web, mobile and social networks, and a new content strategy.

A cross-disciplinary team, together with the customer's management, helped to strategically rethink the retailer's information architecture, to implement a new web and mobile IT infrastructure and to develop a solid editorial plan for the social channels and the blog, building a large social community loyal to the brand.

Once the new channels were launched and the existing ones were strengthened, a team of digital marketing specialist has developed a digital advertising plan, for the web, mobile and social channels, to support the opening of dozens of new stores and to drive to physical stores the online visitors.

Digital Campaigns

We offered strategic and operational support to create digital advertising campaigns aiming to:

Reach the identified target groups during all phases of the "customer journey".

Identify the most appropriate media mix (channels and formats) for each objective.

Monitor and optimize campaign performance, with transparent metrics, to increase the return on adv spending.

Engage online users to drive new visitors to physical stores.

Google ADS

Social ADS

In addition to social channels management, we have created and optimized social advertising campaigns to support the editorial plan and to promote special offers and promotions.
Facebook has been the main channel selected for advertising, supported by targeted adv strategies on Instagram - important for awareness and product - and YouTube, fundamental for a specific target group.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Linkedin Ads
Social ADS

Social Media Management

Auditing & listening have been the first steps taken to detect conversations, providing key metrics on the brand positioning against the competitors, to identify the social media to be managed and to develop a winning editorial strategy.
Based on the findings, we have developed a strategic plan of intervention, aligning business goal and social objectives.
After the set-up, we took care of the management and monitoring of the social channels, deploying a full cross-disciplinary team (social strategist, community managers, copywriters, and designers) who acted as brand ambassador in the social space, ensuring fast response times and 1 to 1 answers in the moderation of the channels.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
Social Media Management

BLOG and content marketing

People like stories: competitive prices and promotions are fundamental aspects, but they may not create an emotional connection with the customer.
Linking the brand to the emotional impact that a pet can generate was the most challenging component of this project. The development of a new editorial strategy and a blog, with SEO oriented content able to intercept the target audience, allowed the creation of a brand-loyal community, attracting quality backlinks and bringing traffic to the site.

 BLOG and content marketing


To encourage engagement rate and content sharing, we developed new video formats and infographics of significant value for users and influencers, capable to create a deeper emotional relationship and to facilitate the understanding of Maxi Zoo's values and mission

  • Youtube

We've used Google's advertising solutions to attract potential buyers nearby physical Maxi Zoo stores. We executed geo-targeted campaigns around physical stores, using a different campaign mix, tools and format (search, display, shopping, Gmail, video, remarketing, etc…) to promote local offers. As a result, we have generated significant volumes of new qualified traffic both on the website and in the physical stores.


Web and mobile development

The retail had recently developed a new website, only for desktop and not mobile friendly. To intercept the mobile users and do not incur in SEO penalties, we developed a mobile version of the corporate website, with selected content and a fast and fluid user interface, allowing mobile users to quickly find the information requested and providing a navigation experience in line with mobile user's standard and expectations.

Web and mobile development


The SEO analysis and auditing carried out enabled us to define a detailed SEO strategy with priorities and activities to be implemented in the short, medium and long-term. Once the critical issues concerning the technical SEO factors (on page factor) were solved, were created new SEO oriented content to reinforce the positioning and the authority of the brand. The work continued with an effective monitoring of the results achieved and related optimization activities.


Digital Flyer

The printed flyer remains a very important tool to attract customers in the store and to convey promotional offers. It is against this background that we analyzed the geo-distribution of the printed flyer, to proceed with a progressive replacement strategy of the printed material with an adequate digital distribution. Contextually we worked hard to ensure a digital experience perceived by users more useful and richer compared to the simple paper. In order to achieve the above, we enriched the digital flyer with new features and content able to guarantee a significant increase in the engagement rate and in the conversions rate.

Digital Flyer

Email Marketing

Acquiring new customers, penetrating new markets and increasing sales are very key objectives for any retail. Nevertheless, equally important is the retention objective, to bring back to the store existing customers and increase their long life value. We used primarily the e-mail channel to pursue this goal, offering to loyal customers special incentives and offers reserved for Maxi Zoo newsletter subscribers. E-mail marketing automation processes and the choice inherent in the technology that makes it possible was also fundamental: in the Maxi Zoo case, mail up platform was chosen, managed in outsourcing by MazzMedia.

Email Marketing