Strategy &

defining a winning
digital strategy

Mazzmedia guides you in understanding key technology trends, make strategic choices, identify profitable market opportunities and create new forms of customer engagement that lead to a business growth.

Mazzmedia’s team of analysts and consultants can help you optimize your digital marketing performance and marketing plan, integrate or develop the most innovative digital platforms and create new engaging interactions with your existing and potential customers.


facilitating your digital

Mazzmedia offers a " full service “ to convert catalogs, directories, magazines, fliers, and virtually any other type of printed publication in engaging digital editions, available online with any web browser or published with your " branded App" on Apple and Android app stores.

Our solutions are fully customized, and have proven to increase both engagement and conversion rates, while reducing distribution costs.

& Creativity

cross-channel brand

In MazzMedia we offer cross media creativity and design skills, emphasizing the factors that influence the interaction between the different media. Our team of creative designers and UX specialists work to innovate, identify new opportunities and create meaningful brand experiences, online and offline.

We make extensive use of best practices in different fields, such as visual design, usability, information architecture and interaction design to create intuitive and attractive user experiences, tailored to your brand and objectives of your organization.

Web &
Mobile development

turning ideas
into reality

Using cutting edge technology solutions, our development team works closely with UX designers to build websites and mobile applications of all kinds of complexity and tailored to your specific business needs.

We can help you develop a solid online presence, creating intuitive and engaging interfaces for brand sites, scalable e-commerce solutions and customized solid back-end applications, focusing on the integration between web, mobile platforms and cloud applications.


supporting your growth

We can reach and grow your target audience, increasing engagement and expanding your online business with new traffic to the website, new leads and increased sales via webstore.

We use customized SEO tactics to optimize your organic placement on the search engines and We develop effective and persuasive digital advertising campaigns, able to generate brand awareness and qualified traffic. Our cross channel approach sees the synergic use of Google, paid media, social media, email marketing and shopping channels.