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A digital strategy is the process by which vision, objectives, tactics, channels and KPI are defined to maximize the economic benefits of digital technologies.
Our team can guide you through the essential steps to build your strategy, aiming to:

  • 1. Define the objectives of the digital transformation and align them with the overall business objectives
  • 2. Identify your target and build buyer personas
  • 3. Identify competitors' strengths and weaknesses and build a competitive digital analysis
  • 4. Map the required skills and assign the roles to the team involved in the project
  • 5. Build the editorial calendar and content marketing plan
  • 6. Choose the media/channel that is most consistent with your business needs and harmoniously develop your digital tools and ecosystem
  • 7. Design and implement digital advertising campaigns, social marketing plans, lead generation programmes and conversion optimization plans
  • 8. Plan, design, manage and monitor your social media channels
  • 9. Monitor and analyze the data available and provide directions and recommendations.


Given the increased number of information sources, data represents a source of competitive advantage only if supported by the ability to read it.

Market research is the core of MazzMedia's digital marketing strategy, based on target audience identification and buyer behaviours. We consider digital and industry trends and conduct focused audience research to design a plan for your business.

With a wide assortment of research and SEO tools, our experts help you to identify and map your target, detailed persona archetypes, interests, passions and behaviours of your audience.

Understanding your online competition and exactly why and where it outperforms your business is a crucial component to build a successful digital marketing strategy. We identify and track your competitors' digital activity and meticulously examine their target audience, comparable seo signals, and online strategies to prioritise intervention areas and gain a competitive advantage.


Want to boost your sales and increase your leads?

We provide strategic direction to your advertising campaigns and coordinate your online and offline efforts to ensure you reach the right audience at the right time, selecting the right mix of media and platforms to effectively deliver your message.

By combining creativity, design, copywriting and strategic positioning, we can design compelling campaigns that generate brand awareness and qualified traffic.

We help you improve your performance by optimizing keywords, demographic and geographic variables to help maximize campaign revenue and conversion goals.

Web sites, mobile applications, social media, e-mail, printed catalogues, videos, display campaigns, keywords advertising, text messages, etc.

A good strategy largely depends on identifying the right mix of channels to be used and the assignment of objectives and performance indicators for each of the channels adopted.

Different channels may serve different purposes for differentiated audiences and target groups, but they must function in synergy and provide a consistent user's experience with the brand. Content can be repurposed, adapted and extended across multiple platforms, or a story can start in one medium to end in another.

We help you to reach the right audience at the right time by selecting the most useful media mix to effectively convey your message, emphasizing the factors of interaction between different media to create meaningful brand experiences, both online and offline.

Technology & platform

Business and technology are inextricably linked. Making a strategic change might require buying a new software package, modifying an existing custom web application or even building an entirely new digital ecosystem. A critical part of successfully carrying out business strategy is choosing the right application platform.

MazzMedia can bring knowledge and expertise to guide you in your most complex IT challenges and help your organization make the right steps to develop your digital ecosystem or simply identify the technological partnership opportunities to build business value and drive performance.


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