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UX Design

The user interface design of your Web site or mobile application is the window through which the users experience your brand.

Even the most sophisticated content and code lines are not sufficient to convey a message if the website (or app) lacks usability. An intuitive user interface bridges the distance between the human brain and the digital product. Understanding human behavior is the key to unlock an exceptional user experience.

Whether you are looking for the restyling of an existing website or building a new application designed primarily for mobile devices, Mazzmedia’s team of creative and UX designers is able to perfectly combine the highest usability and functionality standards.


We use wireframes as an essential tool to reduce costs and risks involved in the design of complex interactions. This tool enables rapid concept refinement, allows customer feedback early in the design process and facilitates the understanding of the objectives and expected functionality.

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After Client’s approval of the wireframes, our designers start the process of mock-up development.

A mockup is a static representation of the final product, with the highest possible level of detail and fidelity. Colors, visual styles, images, fonts and other visual elements are added to the wireframe structure.

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Clickable prototypes allow users to quickly test simple or complex behaviors elements, interacting with the prototype as they would with the final product. Unlike the wireframe, which is a static product, the prototype is interactive and allows clients to test the user experience and to validate the technical specifications.

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A professionally shot video will increase click-throughs, consumer engagement, and conversion rates.

Mazzmedia offers a creative and professional end-to-end video service: our experts can provide guidance on all aspects of video production and capture your clients’ imagination with exciting quality motion graphics.

In addition, we can help you promote your video with your target audience using our array of digital marketing expertise.

Mazzmedia has motion graphics specialists in house who can deliver storyboarding and scriptwriting, animated gifs, 2D and 3D animation and modeling.

Live<br />Streaming


Covering an event combining the use of social platforms and professional video service can allow you to inspire interest and create an emotional connection with your audience, as well as allowing you to expand the reach of your event.

Motion<br />graphics


Motion graphics allow complex information to be made more accessible and immediately more engaging. Mazzmedia can combine multiple media resources such as photos, videos, illustrations and 3D animation elements to explain a critical concept in 30 seconds, either illustrating a story or promoting a service or a product.

Webinar<br />online video training

online video training

A web seminar is a live event delivered through internet, which allows multiple people to simultaneously connect live to participate in an interactive lesson, a training course, a workshop or a conference. Mazzmedia guarantees in a single experience the comfort of use you can experiment from home with the effectiveness and the interactivity typical of a physical event.

Promotional<br />video


Would you like to tell the story of your company with a video? Do you have a product or service that you would like to promote? A professionally shot video significantly enhances your company's image in the eyes of your viewer and it is proven that it influences buying decisions positively.

Corporate Identity & Branding

Every visual and emotional tool used to connect with your target prospects outlines your Corporate Identity. Thanks to your corporate identity, products and services of your company should be easily identifiable and differentiated from your competitors' ones, conveying the company’s purpose and values and confirming its credibility.

We believe that the most effective visual identities are made up of simple consistent and elegant signs, capable of inspiring immediately, authority and authenticity, core values, credibility and the personality of a company.

Mazzmedia’s team of designers and copywriters work together with you to capture the essence of your company and convey an effective and authentic feeling about your identity.


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