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Logo Elf

Elf is a historic French lubricant brand. Born in 1967, since 2000 it has been part of the TotalEnergies group, for whose Italian subsidiary we have been managing social channels and digital campaigns since 2022.


Relaunch the ELF brand also in the Italian market through a marketing and communication campaign that would rekindle its memory in the historical target of customers and bring it to the attention of a new target of motorcycle enthusiasts.


To communicate the values of performance, passion and safety, and the historicity of the ELF brand, to the 2 generational targets through exciting and engaging storytelling.



Upping online visibility through ads, content, and social activities.



Enhance positive brand perception among the public by demonstrating its authority and trustworthiness.


The Intervention

Faced with the client's request for a 360-degree intervention on ELF brand communication, our creative team developed a key campaign concept with the complex value system of the brand at the center.
From the different strategic and tactical declinations proposed to the client, the Be your(s)elf campaign was chosen to guide the 2022-2023 brand relaunch plan.

The Be your(s)elf campaign.

2. Video

3. Social

4. Digital ADV

The Be your(s)elf campaign.

The values of performance, passion and safety have been declined in the claim #BeYourself and in a series of graphic assets - videos, social posts, cards, gadgets - that tell how rediscovering the beauty of our country through a passion for travel in a way is the way to feel free and fully yourself.

Emotions, experiences to live, adventure, territoriality that become a journey to be told.

2. Video

The main asset of the Be Your(s)elf campaign is the video, which, with a warm, emotional tone and bird's-eye subjective shots of some of the most iconic locations for motorcycle travel and two-wheel racing enthusiasts, has rekindled the narrative of the ELF world and its values to the 2 generational targets identified for the campaign.

3. Social

For social communication, the Instagram channel was identified as exclusive. The Editorial Plan, in its different formats, has been declined consistently with the Be Your(s)elf campaign concept, with a warm, friendly and passionate tone of voice, engaging visuals and topics that alternate between passion for motorcycles and travel on two wheels and purely corporate and vertical product content.

Logo Spotify

Spotify playlists

To intercept the new GenZ audience even better and build community loyalty, a Spotify profile with playlists dedicated to passion for motorcycles and travel was opened during the Sanremo Festival. The goal of the activity was to bring the ELF brand closer to a young target audience that is a Spotify user and more attentive to new trends.

4. Digital ADV

The brand relaunch was also supported by a digital ADV plan such as to amplify the dissemination of content.

Meta and Google were the platforms deemed best suited to convey the creative assets and achieve the objectives set.

The choice of a multichannel approach allowed us to preside over platforms used daily by the identified target audience and to intercept different audiences with the best performing formats.

Spot Audio

In order to intercept even more deeply the identified target audience and make the brand positioning even more solid, we proposed to the client to create an audio spot to be conveyed through Spotify's platform. A strategic decision that turned out to be particularly successful with respect to ELF's communication goals.


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