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Exclusive Service is the official network of Technical Assistance Centers selected and authorized by the brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff, and Gaggenau across the entire Italian territory for the repair, maintenance, and after-sales service of large and small appliances. The ES centers are recognizable by their coordinated image and guarantee tailored assistance and advice.


The goal was to bring together all the independent sites of the 30 Exclusive Service centers into a single site with a design in line with the ES brand. Develop Geotag and GeoSeo functions to make the ES centers immediately findable in their area of competence.
Standardize the offering of ES services and products and develop content marketing activities aimed at making the importance of qualified and authorized assistance throughout the entire life cycle of one's appliance felt.


Brand Awareness




A site was developed with an attractive and immediately recognizable design, in line with the ES brand identity, and with a smooth User Experience to facilitate the search for information by users. In particular, a graphic solution was studied ad hoc for the search of the assistance center closest to the user, and the different exclusive services and products offered by each center were made immediately recognizable. For each ES center, a graphic and content customization was conceived to enhance its expertise in the territory. Finally, editorial content was implemented on the corporate blog.

Ux & Design

A UX was designed to be easily usable even from mobile, which immediately provides all the interesting information for a user who has a problem with an appliance, and keeps the user focused on the ES center of relevance, the services and products offered, and the contact information. In addition to this, customization with a series of photos for each center and a user review section was planned‚Äč.


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Web development
For the technical development of the project, the WordPress platform was chosen with a theme completely customized for the client's graphic and content insertion needs. Sharing functionalities and SEO optimization were added to the theme.
SEO & SEM optimization
A Local SEO strategy was implemented so that each ES center would be relevant to the Local Google algorithm in terms of proximity, prominence, and relevance: this involved creating a Google My Business profile for each center, inserting a map into the website's design, working on the optimization of primary and secondary keywords, and optimizing all the relevant factors for the positioning of a website in search engines.


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