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October is the pink month of prevention!

Created in 1992 in the United States by Evelyn Lauder and promoted worldwide, the Pink Ribbon Campaign aims to raise awareness among women about the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer and to inform them about healthy lifestyles from adopt and on visits to be made depending on age.

Even the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer - Milan Provincial Section promotes the culture of prevention as a good practice in women's lives, so that all of them undergo periodic breast examinations.

Every year the Association offers hundreds of free visits to its health centers and Mobile Unit, in Milan and some hinterland municipalities.
The symbol of the Pink Ribbon Campaign is the traditional pink ribbon, the pink bow, recognized by all as a sign of the fight against this disease.


Creation of a dedicated landing page/microsite that would convey all institutional communication planned for the event. This page would serve as a landing page for all advertising initiatives aimed at promoting the event.


Information Architecture Information Architecture
Web Development Web Development


Given the significant number of initiatives and activities planned for the event, it was important to organize and label the contents, so that users could easily browse the site and understand the navigation path.


In visual terms, we have created a plot and a color code to takes up the theme of the campaign, the pink, linking it to the main places in Milan. Custom icons have also been designed to represent every planned initiative, taking advantages of photographic assets inherent previous events made available by the Client.

To give an overview of the events and the numerous initiatives planned, to highlight important points on the agenda and reveal the initiatives in the Milan area, we have created a time chart, using the traditional pink ribbon as a theme, which allowed to clearly display complex information.

Web Development

We have developed a complex landing page, a microsite with different sections and a menu to allows easy access to the different sections of the landing page. Then we proceeded to develop the related version for mobile devices.


Last but not least, we worked on the SEO dimension. We identified the most consistent keywords with the topics covered and worked on setting-up all the on page SEO factors , together with the speed load optimization, to favor the best possible ranking of the page.


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