Exton Consulting

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Exton Consulting provides management consulting services in the financial services sector, from strategy to implementation of transformations. A point of reference in strategy and management consulting in the field of financial services, Exton Consulting stands out for its values, principles, the style of intervention and the entrepreneurial spirit.
In 2010 the company creates its holding company: Exton International, which brings together French and international activities and in the same year opens its Casablanca’s office. In 2013 the Milan office was born.


Exton Consulting publishes "Inside Financial Services", a quarterly magazine dedicated to the economic-financial community. "Inside" aims to communicate to the market the most recent results of the brand commitment in terms of research and development, together with ideas and points of view on the most relevant current and future issues in the field of financial services.


The client needed the design of a new graphic concept for the printed edition of the "Inside" magazine, aiming to simplify the reading of complex texts and topics while maintaining the brand's perception of authority.


Exton Consulting also required a partner for printing and direct mailing the magazine to specific lists of recipients.


Finally, the client requested a cross-channel solution to convey the contents of the magazine through digital channels.


1. Branding

We redesigned the magazine giving central importance to the brand image, meticulously balancing texts, images and graphics.

1. Branding

2. Magazine design

A non-standard printing format was chosen to provide a new and different look & feel, to generate a greater emotional impact and finally to make it more manageable. Internal pages have been designed with a very airy layout, aiming to give importance to the texts and to create an effective visual hierarchy.

2. Magazine design

3. Press and distribution

After the design and layout phase, we took care and managed the whole printing process (offset sheet and digital), including postal packaging, variable data management, direct mailing and distribution.

4. Digital Publishing


We have turned the printed magazine into an interactive digital publication for PCs, smartphones and tablets, converting the PDF into a web-app in HTML5, available online in Cloud and optimized for every type of browser and device.

In addition to studying a completely tailor-made viewer in line with the brand identity, we have enriched the original PDF with multimedia and interactive elements and create a digital library to access the previous publications.

Lastly, we provided detailed reports and analytical data on user behavior.

4. Digital Publishing

5. E-mail Marketing

Finally, our team of marketing specialists integrated a simple and scalable mailing platform within the client's digital ecosystem to create, send and automate marketing campaigns via e-mail, SMS and messaging Apps.

From the development of graphics templates to strategic support and deliverability, from the creation of creative concepts to the optimization of results, we have put our experience to deliver the digital version of the magazine to profiled lists of recipients.