Digital marketing

supporting your growth

Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) main objective is to gain users in target through the organic (non-paid) results of the search engines and in terms of cost / opportunity for your business is the best option for traffic and lead acquisition.

Mazzmedia offers a comprehensive strategic, operational and analytical support to reinforce your brand organic position, acquire new visitors, seize new opportunities untapped by competitors or generated by new releases of search engines' algorithms.

We can help you to understand what your users are looking for, to elaborate a content plan that is effective and SEO oriented, to structure an information architecture friendly for both users and search engines and to create online relationships that will boost your online authority and organic placement.

Digital campaigns

Digital advertising campaigns can be planned for a variety of purposes: increase brand awareness, enhance brand image, increase sales of a product, lead generation, launch a new line on the market, , drive visitors to stores, etc

Our services include strategic planning, graphics and copywriting creativity, campaign management and optimization, analysis and reporting.

Mazzmedia can be your successful partner to maximize your online performance, reach the right audience at the right time through the multitude of channels available today and get real and measurable results.

We offer a comprehensive consulting, strategic and operational support to carry out campaigns that will ensure:

  • Effectively reach your audience during all stages of "customer journey".
  • Identify the most appropriate media mix (channels and formats) for your business and goals
  • Monitor and optimize your campaigns to increase your return on advertising spend.
  • Engage and attract new customers with the most innovative digital tools and platforms

Some of the solutions / platforms we use most commonly:

Google AdWords
Google search<br />marketing
Google search
Google display<br />marketing
Google display
Google<br />retargeting
Google Mobile<br />marketing
Google Mobile

Social Advertising

Facebook advertising
Instagram advertising
Linkeding advertising
Twitter advertising

Email marketing

Mazzmedia believes that email marketing remains an effective way to reach your audience, sometimes outperforming other media in terms of scope and conversion rate. Indeed, email campaigns, when properly targeted, are the ideal instrument for driving sales and retaining customers. The advances in marketing automation and marketing personalization now easily allow companies to deliver individual offers and personal messages on mass scale.

As part of an integrated marketing campaign, email marketing is a regular and reliable way to support your business goals and enjoy a larger reach.

Mazzmedia’s marketing specialist team develops strategies to increase email-marketing lists and identify audiences, whereas our copywriters and designers will help you in the development of emails that capture your audience’s attention—whether they will be reading it on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

From automated lead-generation campaigns to transnational email communications, we support your business goals through a multidisciplinary team of copywriters, designers, developers, and strategists, able to create, deploy, manage, measure, and analyze your on-going email marketing campaigns..

Content marketing

Successful marketing campaigns are based on a solid content strategy.

Promoting and selling your products and services is more than just listing features and benefits.

In MazzMedia we see content as the central way to connect with users, gain customer insights, drive differentiation, increase relevancy and accomplish the business goals. It is an on-going process that works best when it is integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and focuses on your "digital properties" rather than on paid ones.

Mazzmedia’s analysts, copywriters and digital designers will work with you to design and develop relevant and valuable editorial plans, capable of attracting and maintaining clients, and will develop campaigns that will bring solid results for your business objectives."