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SportOutdoor24 is the leading website in Italy for those who love active outdoor life. It is targeting amateurs who like to spend their free time practicing outdoor sports and wandering towards destinations with a strong naturalistic characterization.


Design and development of a new website with a particular focus on user experience from mobile.
Development of a long-term editorial plan, with a focus on SEO, indexing the top-ranking keywords and key phrases concerning active life and outdoor sports.


UX & Design UX & Design
Copy & Content Copy & Content
Web Development Web Development
Paid Advertisign Paid Advertisign


UX &<br /> Information Architecture

UX &
Information Architecture

The Design, concerning both UI and UX components, has been at the core of the site restyling.
Given the massive contents available and diversification of topics, together with the need to maintain a strong visibility for the advertisers adv formats, it was imperative to design different layouts to guarantee the right focus for each article while keeping navigation smooth and dynamic.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The biggest challenge was to guarantee a real synergy between desktop and mobile versions, both of fundamental importance in terms of site performances.

On this project, the objective was achieved by creating a significant numbers of different layouts, with graphic coherence, to keep the site easily recognizable on any screen.

Web Developement

The development phase had the ultimate goal of uniting and concretizing the concept, the design and the contents such as copy and creativity.
The development was based on a custom theme for a CMS platforms to allow the customer to be autonomous in the management of updates and to provide different levels of autonomy to content producers.

Once the structure and the code on the CMS were consolidated, it was possible to create a fast and intuitive article composition system, suitable for the great delivery of the customer's contents.
An important marketing and SEO strategy allowed the site to reach and exceed planned results.

Web Developement
Web Developement



We have defined a long-term editorial plan, with a focus on SEO indexing for the major keyword and key phrase in terms of active and sports life in the open air.

The editorial plan and the strategic use of keywords and tags constituted the pivot on which the entire process of content development and production was based, capable of targeting the correct target users.


Digital Marketing

We have created something unique, a new engine built ad hoc to achieve all the desired objectives.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Strategy for identifying potential customers for the development of Native ADV projects, such as content ADV and branded ADV.



Analysis of the main players in the Programmatic ADV sector and identification of the best solutions for the implementation of the Programmatic Display on the desktop and mobile website.

Affiliation MKT

Affiliation MKT

Development of partnerships in view of affiliation marketing able to generate traffic and consequent sales from affiliated e-commerce and increase revenues for the publisher.


Art Director Art Director
Graphic Designer Graphic Designer
Copywriter Copywriter
Developer Developer


Every month more than 300,000 users visit the site, divided equally between men and women, mostly between 25 and 65, for a total of over 800,000 page views per month.