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Euronics Italia, a leading group in the distribution of home appliances and consumer electronics, was founded in 1999 as an evolution of the historic GET brand, established in 1972 by an important group of retailers in the sector.
Euronics Italy has achieved a leadership positions and ensures a nationwide coverage with over 240 points of sale.


Qualified website traffic increase, specifically to the digital flyer, improvement of flyer engagement and the usability, conversions from digital flyer to physical store (drive to store) together with new leads are the needs and objectives expressed by the customer.


  • Outreach
  • drive to store
    drive to store
  • retention


In order to maximize the expected results, The digital marketing strategy proposed a multi-channel approach.

Cross-Channel digital campaigns

Social ADS

The first step was to define with the client the strategic direction of online campaigns and the coordination between online and offline efforts to ensure reaching the right audience at the right time, selecting the media mix and the most useful platforms to effectively convey the message.
The social platforms turned out to be the channel with the most favorable cost/opportunity to achieve the defined objectives, so we opted to decline the promotional offers on the following three main channels:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
Social ADS


Today the videos are increasingly protagonists of an effective communication campaign because of their ability to adapt to different places and formats of digital communication. Videos can be conveyed within social channels, online newspapers, blogs and specific platforms as well as in a programmatic environment. We have designed and produced several videos, able to entertain, inspire and educate users.


Speaker, voice actors, announcers,... We have selected professionals from theater, advertising, dubbing and radio to provide the Clients with voices, experiences, expressive skills in line with the highest market standards.


We have made extensive use of new formats for organic posts and advertising insertions introduced by Facebook, especially Canvas.
These formats guarantee an immersive experience and resulted to be faster to load and to browse while offering different types of multimedia content to interact with.

Google ADS


We used thee mailing channel to pursue the nurturing and retention of existing customers, offering to loyal customers some special incentives, leveraging the appeal of exclusivity with offers reserved for those who subscribed to the Cleint's newsletter. The automation of these processes was also fundamental, integrating the right technology to provided targeted and customized message per single user or cluster.



The printed flyer remains a very important tool to attract customers in the phisical store and to deliver their promotional offers. We have worked to ensure a better user experience for the digital flyer, perceived by users as useful and differentiating from the printed experience, with new features and content enhancements able to guarantee a significant growth both in the engagement rate and in the conversions.